Environment and Eco-sustainability

The Italian ceramic company that takes care of the environment

The Italian ceramic of Herberia wears its green heart on its sleeve, in its name and its logo.

Herberia loves the environment and demonstrates it with concrete action.

The company has always taken to heart the need to save the planet, not just in its many environmental action initiatives, but also in offering its workers a safe and healthy workplace.

Sustainability has always been primarily a social issue for Herberia. This is why, over the last 30 years, in drawing up its corporate policies, Herberia has set itself the primary goal of safeguarding the environment, by preventing pollution and pursuing the most innovative forms of sustainable architecture. These objectives have been achieved on 3 fronts:

Greater efficiency and energy saving

In relation to energy, over the last 25 years, our consumption per ton of product has gone from 10 to 6 GigaJoules, thanks to technological innovation, improved production cycles and more energy efficient machinery.

Balanced water and material waste

Our data relating to water, sludge and production waste recovery strongly confirm our commitment to protecting the environment. Our sites do not have process water drains, thus abating the risk of surface and ground water pollution throughout the area of the city of Reggio and its province.

Furthermore, our re-use of production waste, both raw and fired, has reached almost 100%.

Reduced emissions

As for atmospheric emissions, our factories are equipped with pollutant abatement systems as required by the National Guidelines on Best Available Techniques (BAT).

Around 90% of our emissions of lead, fluorine and particulates (the principal pollutants emitted by the Italian ceramic industry) are eliminated by our purification plant, while we have reduced dust emissions by as much as 99%.

Our release of CO2 into the environment is around 3 to 6 kg/m2. This changes in relation to the processing cycle for each product, from tiles to flooring and wall coverings.

Furthermore, to assure an even more sustainable approach, Herberia:

  • Uses raw materials sourced from the Reggio-Modena area, with greatly reduced transport and transport-related emissions, thanks in part to our continual improvements in logistics efficiency.
  • Recycles and reuses 35% of scrap glass.

It is thanks to our numerous investments that we have been able to develop and produce Italian floor and wall ceramics with outstanding technical, aesthetic and environmental performance, bringing our products into line with green building regulations and making them ideally suited to the most recent green architecture techniques.